Link a WeChat Work Account

Your team can use Grata from their mobile devices by installing Grata’s apps in your WeChat Work account.

  1. Install both Grata Apps
  2. You will need one of the admin users of your WeChat Work account to install the Grata Apps. From the Grata Admin panel, open the WeChat Work page from the bottom of the left side menu. You will see buttons to install both the My Customer app and the Chat Room app.

    Click on each button to open a new tab and authorize the apps. If you want to configure only a subset of your WeChat Work users to have access to the Grata apps, during the installation click on the link for settings (设置) as in the image below:

    This will allow you to see your WeChat Work users and designate which individual users or teams you want to use Grata. Teams and users with access to Grata are listed in the right-hand column.


    Link Work users to your Grata users

    After both apps are installed, you will need to link your WeChat Work users to your Grata users. Do this from the User management page in the Team section of the Grata Admin side menu. When you create a new user or edit an existing user, you can click the button to bind that user to WeChat Work.

    Clicking on the button will reveal a list of all your WeChat Work users that are designated to use the Grata apps. Users are displayed in the format of username(Work ID). Select the appropriate user and click bind.

    After the binding is successful, the user’s WeChat Work ID will display in their Grata profile. To change the binding click on the button again. To remove the binding, click on the grey icon next to the blue button:

    Your app are now ready for use. Check out our help page on how to use WeChat Work apps here.