Install Grata’s Web Chat Plug-in

Grata’s web chat uses javascript to open an iFrame chat window that displays over top of your website, allowing a user to maintain a single chat while they navigate your site. Agents are able to see the customer’s current page, pageview history, and real-time updates with each page load. Grata’s web chat loads asynchronously so it won’t slow down your site load time.
Follow the simple steps below to add Grata’s web chat window to your desktop and mobile website. You may want to first customize the look and feel of your chat window before adding it to your site, but you can make updates to the appearance at anytime later as well. Grata’s web chat currently supports two-way text and images, and agents can additionally send link cards and voice messages to web site visitors.

1. Grata Admin < Web Chat

Log-in to your Grata account and open the Grata Web Chat settings page from the admin backend.


2. Copy your web chat code

Clip on the “Copy plug-in code” button on the top right of the screen.

Where do you want to install web chat?


3. Paste the code into your website source code

Open your website’s HTML file in a text editor, paste the code just before the closing body tag of your site (</body>), and save the file.
Your web chat plug-in should now be live.

3. Paste the code in WordPress

Open your WordPress backend and under the Appearance section in the side menu, select Widgets. Find your Footer text widget and select the Text tab. Paste the code at the end of any footer text. Click save.

Your web chat plug-in should now be live.

3. Create a new tag

If you are using a tag manager like Tealium or Google Tag Manager, create a new “Custom HTML” tag. Paste your Grata code snippet in the html field. In the Triggers section, set Grata to open on all pages or set custom triggers.


4. Save and submit your changes

Your web chat plug-in should now be live.