Adding Users to Grata

Manage your Grata users on the Grata backend from the Team page. Encourage your team to use individual agent accounts so you can track who on your team spoke with which customers in your conversation history.


1. Add a User

After you’ve opened the Admin Panel, click on “Users” in the side menu under “My Team”. Click the blue button to Add Agents.

A name and unique email address are required. Selecting the agent’s language sets the language of the invitation email that contains the agent’s password and log-in instructions, but the agent can change the language of their console at any time.


A Grata user can either be an Agent or an Admin. Agents do not have access to the Grata Admin Panel. Admin users have console access like Agents do, but also have full access to all Grata backend functions and controls.

Agent Identities

You can use Agent IDs to give custom shared or personal role-based identities to each agent in WeChat and web chat. Your Agent IDs are managed on a separate page, but you assign them here on the agent’s profile. For more details, see the Agent Identities help page.

User Group

If you use specialized routing rules for your account, you can designate agents to handle specific users by assigning that agent a User Group. User Groups must be first created on the Grata Routing page.
If you have already linked a WeChat Work account to Grata, you can link your Work users to your Grata users at this time. Click the button to bind that user to WeChat Work.

Clicking on the button will reveal a list of all your WeChat Work users that are designated to use the Grata apps. Users are displayed in the format of username(Work ID). Select the appropriate user and click bind.

After the binding is successful, the user’s WeChat Work ID will display in their Grata profile. To change the binding click on the button again. To remove the binding, click on the grey icon next to the blue button:


2. Email Invitation

After you click save, Grata will email an invitation with a password and l0g-in instructions. You can resend or cancel the invitation by clicking on the wrench icon.

Cancel or Resend Invitation


Disabling an Agent

Click on the wrench icon of any active agent to disable their account. For security purposes, you should regularly review your list of active users and disable any users that have left your company.