Signing into Grata for the First Time

Welcome to Grata! If you don’t already have a Grata account, you will need an Administrator for your organization’s Grata account to invite you from the Grata backend. After you’ve completed this article, consider reading more in-depth information about how to manage chats in the Grata console.

1. Set a login password

When an administrator adds you to Grata, you’ll receive an email with a link to set a login password. For security purposes, the link expires in forty-eight hours and can only be used once.

2. Sign-in using your desktop web browser

All you need to use Grata on your computer is a web browser – we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Grata does not install any software or plug-ins on your computer.
Most organizations will login either from (fastest for Mainland China networks) or (fastest for connections outside of Mainland China). Some organizations have a custom login URL. Check with your Grata account administrator if you are unsure.
Click the sign-in link at the top of the Grata homepage. We recommend you bookmark the sign-in page in your browser.
You’ll sign in using your email address and the password you set in the previous step. For security, your account will be automatically locked if you make six consecutive failed login attempts. If you forget your password, you can always click the “Recover” link to send a password reset link to your login email address. When we send a password recovery link, please note that the link expires in one-hour and can only be used once. If your link expires, request a new one.

3. Enable notifications and your microphone

The first time you sign in to your Grata console, you’ll be asked to give two permissions to Grata: one to display browser notifications when you receive new chats and messages, and the second to use your microphone when you want to send push-to-talk messages.

Prompt to grant permission Click on the “Secure” button to manage permissions later


4. Test out your console

The best way to familiarize yourself with the console is to start using it. Ask your manager if it’s okay to test out Grata by sending a message to any of your Grata channels (eg. your WeChat Official Account, Mini-Program or web chat). Do you hear an audio notification when your user is added to the customer wait list? Do you see a browser pop-up? You should see an additional user in your console wait list. To claim your user and start a chat, click on the wait list drop-down and select your user.
Test out your speakers: Can you hear a push-to-talk message from your customers? Send a push-to-talk message from the console to your phone: is the microphone working properly?

My Settings

From the drop-down menu under your name in the top right corner of the console, you can edit your notification preferences as well as set your timezone.
If you set your notification preferences to “All notifications” you’ll receive an audio notification every time any user in your current chats messages you. If you select the other option, you’ll only receive a message notification if you’re away from the Grata console window. With either setting, you will receive a browser pop-up message notification whenever you are away from the Grata console window.

Changing your password

Whenever you need to update your password, click on the drop-down menu under your name in the top right and select Change Password.

Click on Change Password Enter new password twice, and update


Closing chats and logging out

Once you’ve finished testing out your console, get in the habit of closing a chat when it’s over. In the interest of good security practice, we also recommend you log out of your console whenever you’re not using it or not at your workstation.

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