Work smarter, not harder

Stored Text

Our Quick Reply interface organizes multilingual quick replies by subject, helping agents easily add the best response in the customer’s language.


Easily drag-and-drop attractive multi-language cards into chats that link to your Mini-Program, FAQ content, products, and services.

Multi-Channel Console

Reply with text, audio, images, and cards no matter what channel your user is on. Connect multiple WeChat accounts, Mini-Programs, Facebook pages, and websites.

Routing & Transfers

Distribute incoming conversations to different departments based on the customer’s need. Agents can easily add another agent to the chat or transfer a conversation.

Customize your Console

Search and share products directly from your own e-commerce backend. Read and write to customer profiles securely with an iFrame to your own CRM system. Synch chat history to your Salesforce in real time.

Customer Feedback

Measure issue resolution and customer satisfaction while collecting valuable feedback, tracked by individual agent and your overall organization.

Track Conversions

Use Grata’s UTM editor to dynamically generate tracking parameters for every link sent so you can track channel, content, and individual agent’s sales performance.

Dashboard & Reporting

Monitor your team’s performance in real-time on the dashboard. Download and subscribe to dozens of daily, weekly, and monthly detailed reports delivered to your inbox.

Why Businesses use Grata

China-first, WeChat-first Product

Grata is the first choice for multinational companies in China who need multilingual solutions that work on both sides of the Firewall. We've been building on WeChat since before the open platform launched in 2012 and have a history of first-to-market WeChat and WeChat Work features.

Complex Implementations

Grata specializes in large enterprise deployments which can require complex routing, custom QR code campaigns, multiple accounts, multiple teams, CRM integrations, content synching, and multilingual needs.

In-Depth Reporting

Get actionable visibility into your organization's performance with team and individual contact center metrics, customer satisfaction surveys, sales lead sheets, and more. Download reports as needed or subscribe to weekly and monthly reports.

Manage Customers in WeChat Work

Get notifications in Work WeChat when you have customers waiting to chat.

Claim users in Work WeChat when you’re not at your desktop.

Chat like you do in WeChat, with quick customer profiles for context. Send text, images, and voice messages.

Access your FAQ quick replies from your mobile.

Tap to add a card to a chat.

Full-Featured Grata Web Console

Simultaneously chat with multiple customers from multiple channels.

Add additional agents to a chat

Internal one-to-one, group chat, and transfers

Multilingual stored text replies organized by topic

Two-way push-to-talk. Replay messages rather than have a customer repeat herself like on a phone call.

Personalized Service that Scales

Custom user profiles can synch with your existing CRM system

Internal notes, tags, and comments help keep track of important details

Real-time, location-aware context

Agents can easily drag-and-drop all kinds of media into the chat

Setup custom iframes, product search, and location search to easily share your brand's content in chat

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